The Prism Cat (lovepeace137) wrote in beatlepeople,
The Prism Cat

I've been using Facebook to keep up with Abbey Road on the River recently. ^^ Even though I never got to attend, it's still a big thing for me. Makes me miss home. I loved that my town hosted such a great Beatles celebration. Still plan on attending one day when I move back.

I've been doing a lot of reminiscing on livejournal tonight, reliving my favorite communities and visiting with friends I don't get to keep in touch with often. ^^ (Also relived the memories of ljprom, the community that hosted the huge virtual prom in 2007. It was great, made a lot of friends that night. My "date" was John Lennon.) Miss the days when lots of people posted here but I like how it is now, and appreciate those of you who still visit.

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