melody_white (melody_white) wrote in beatlepeople,

oh the memories.

when i was in primary school i had the most amazing teacher ever. every friday she would get her guitar out and we would all sit around and sing. she taught us two songs. hey jude. and the star trek theme tune.
never stopped loving the beatles. sure thats a normal obsession for an 18 year old girl? i am now currently sitting here in my sergeant pepper t-shirt with a massive smile on my face cause i found this group.
a couple of months ago i went to the cavern for the first time. and i am very happy to say it is now my most favourite place on earth. i stayed in liverpool for a week and spent every night in there. i went with my most favourite people in the world and to be able to sit around with them getting pretty drunk in the cavern and then sing along to hey jude with hundreds of people around us was pretty bloody amazing. thats a night i'm never gonna forget. and my name is now on the ceiling. :D
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