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hahaha..love the way Paul created a whole new weird dance move!!

notice George sitting on an inflatable chair..gawd, i remember the 1990s brought back inflatable stuff and i went out and bought one of those :)
btw, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Really neat pics, I cracked up at Paul's suit too.

I had an inflatable chair, it was a pain in the butt to sit in if I remember right.
thanks :) they were taken from "Images of the Beatles" by Tim Hill. haahaha..inflatable chair pain, yup, i remember that too!
haha, great pics! :) i had an inflatable chair in the nineties too.
:) inflatable chairs, they became popular again when that silly band Aqua came on the scene, if i remember correctly? LOL. i still have a purple square inflatable foot stool, thats the only inflatable thing i still have from the 90s and it still works.