The Prism Cat (lovepeace137) wrote in beatlepeople,
The Prism Cat

Well, it's that time again, random question time. There's something I've been wondering about:

Beatles Rockband
(scary music)

I'm curious how other Beatles fans feel about it, and yes, I am going to cheat by not revealing my full opinion yet. I want to see firstly if anyone is even around to answer. I haven't played it, and probably won't have the chance, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what it's like, if it's accurate, whatnot. More importantly, would you play it? How do you feel about introducing Beatles music to today's generation via a video game?

It suddenly occurred to me that I used to have a word for people who would come in here just to trash the Beatles and I don't remember what it is... Basically, what I'm trying to say is don't be afraid to say you like it or don't, because as long as you're not in here to say bad things about the Beatles, I will appreciate and respect your opinion. :) Toodles!
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